Helpful supplies for the brewing process

Used appropriately, some of these products may help optimize your Kombucha brewing experience! Click the images embedded in the sections below to purchase on Amazon and support DZB at the same time.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not manufacture or distribute these products ourselves, so as such, we cannot accept responsibility for warranty or any injury caused by their use or misuse. Read all product descriptions and warnings before purchasing. Be safe, use common sense, and have fun brewing!

The Big Book of Kombucha

Hannah Crum and Alex LaGory have collected and published an absolute WEALTH of Kombucha brewing info in this book. Everything from the philosophy of Kombucha to killer infusions, recipes for Kombucha dishes, desserts, and more! If you're serious about Kombucha and brewing it at home, you'll love having this book on your shelf!

Seedling Heating Mat (10" x 20") - $20

Ambient temperature can greatly affect the fermentation time and overall success of your Kombucha brew, and keeping your house at 70-80 degrees can get expensive quick. Placing your jar on one of these mats can help regulate the internal temperature of the brew without racking up your heating bill.

Obvious safety note: liquids and electricity don't mix well, so be careful not to get the mat wet. Do all your brewing on a hard, cleanable surface that isn't plugged into the wall. Only place your jar on the mat when brewing is done and the jar is dry and free of spilled water or tea.

pH Test Strips - $11

Monitoring the pH of your Kombucha brew is important to be sure it is sufficiently acidic to avoid mold growth. Simple pH strips are a basic way to track your pH and be confident that your brew is doing well on its way to the tart and zesty Booch we all love. pH test meters are also available for more reliable and precise pH measurements (see below). 


pH Test Meter - $21

As stated above, pH testing is an important step to be sure your Kombucha fermentation is progressing smoothly and your brew is acidic enough to be safe from potential mold growth. This meter is more in-depth than the strips, and as such, requires calibration, and may be susceptible to clogging over time from the dissolved solids in Kombucha. 

Transfer Pipettes

Tasting your brew is easy with these 3mL transfer pipettes. Slide one of these between the wall of your jar and the edge of your SCOBY to sample the brew from the middle of the jar. The sour Booch tends to be at the top and the sweeter stuff tends to be at the bottom, so get as far down as you can to get a spectrum of how your Booch is fermenting throughout the jar.

Alcohol Thermometer

This 300mm scientific thermometer contains alcohol (not mercury) and has a range of -20ºC to +150ºC. It's an ideal length to fit in a 2 gallon glass jar or large pot so you can monitor the temperature of your boiling water, dissolving sugar, steeping tea, or fermenting Booch along the way.