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Booch Beer and Beyond


The spirit of this company has always been to push the envelope of what is expected from Kombucha. It's safe to say that we've changed a lot of minds about the funky fermented brew over the life of our company.

If you've visited the tasting room in the last several months, you know that the spirit of adventure has pushed us into exploring the realm of high-ABV Kombucha. The "mojo" series preserves as much of the Kombucha flavor as possible, while introducing an alcohol by volume of about 5%.

Pushing the envelope even further, we're happy to announce, perhaps a little late, that we've released our first all house-fermented Kombucha and beer blend. Named, "Wild Child Booch Beer," this blend is the glorious and perhaps long-overdue union between a sour beer and a Kombucha. 



Interestingly, one of the most common yeast strains responsible for the funky flavor profile in most sour beers, Brettanomyces, is also the primary yeast present in our Kombucha. With the sour beers we know today originating primarily in Belgium, and Kombucha originating in China and Russia, it's particularly interesting to us that these two very similar fermenting traditions have been appreciated separately in such far-flung locations, yet hardly have they ever been enjoyed together in one unified experience. Bringing these two ferments together allows us the opportunity to blend the complex, malty body and funky tartness of a sour beer with the bright and tart acidity of Kombucha. We feel like it's the long-awaited family reunion of two siblings that were separated at birth. 

While this batch is only at the pilot scale, we're excited to say that we'll be bringing this blend to production scale in the coming days. In the meantime, we encourage you to come down to our tasting room at the Cannery District to experience this new (and ancient) blend for yourself!