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Your Booch Lover's Last-Minute Gift Guide

Time is flying and in a few days, it'll be the main event. If you don't have the perfect gift for your Booch Lover yet, or if you're looking for an extra little something to put in their stocking, check out this selection of gift options for the Kombucha drinker on your list.



(Available In-store only)

I mean, it is kind of an obvious one, but what would they love more than some tangy, tart, and sweet Kombucha? Since May, we've opened up our menu to offer something for Kombucha drinkers of all ages and palates.

  • Light Booch (Zest2O) for the kids, Booch newbies, and non-drinkers. Light and delicious!
  • Zesty Booch for seasoned Kombucha palates, those seeking maximum probiotic impact, and those okay with a little residual alcohol (1.5% ABV)
  • Farmhouse for those looking for the good times that come with a probiotic buzz (6% ABV).

We've got a full menu of delicious flavors to please any taste bud, and a wide selection of growler bottle sizes to satisfy any appetite. If you're not sure what they'd like, or are afraid of it turning too sour under the tree, gift cards work great as well.

2017-5-25-dzb-starter-kits (1 of 2).jpg

2. Kombucha HOME BREW KIT

Looking for a fun, simple, family-friendly science project that you can drink? Or just looking for a way to save some money over buying bottles of Booch at the store? A Kombucha home-brew kit is a great way to achieve both of those! Our Kombucha home brew kits come fully loaded with everything you need to brew gallons of your own Zesty Booch at home, including the jar, a bandana to cover it, 32 oz. of starter Kombucha and a SCOBY, a laminated recipe & process card, and tea bags. There are a few things you'll need from your kitchen and a few ingredients you may need to buy, but those are all outlined on the recipe & process card.

Want to know exactly how to make the best Booch possible? Sign up for our Booch School: Brewing 101 class on Sunday, January 14th! We'll run you through the whole process of brewing sweet tea, tasting your brew, harvesting, bottling, and so much more so you leave with all the skills you need to crank out your own Zesty Booch at home. Sign up soon! Spots are filling up quickly.


3. DZB's Zestea Blend Loose Leaf Tea

Whether you're brewing Kombucha or just looking for a delicious cup of tea, DZB's time-tested signature loose-leaf blend is a great way to go. It is the same blend we use to brew all of our Kombucha, and features all organic black, green, and white teas. Our combination has been refined and perfected by Dean and the team over ten plus years to lend complex and delicate flavors to your brew or cup of tea.

Black tea is the typical base for a strong, effective Kombucha, but it can also taste rather plain and vinegary. Whether you use our blend or not, try mixing it up with green and white teas to add complexity and roundness to the flavor! Just be sure to avoid teas with any natural oils as flavoring.

4. Kombucha Soap

Every month, we use hundreds of pounds of tea leaves, fruit, and herbs in our Kombucha. Earlier this year, we partnered with local soap makers Recherché Organics to find a creative and useful home for some of that in the form of deliciously scented bars of Kombucha soap! They're available in Black Raspberry Vanilla, Ginger Citrus, and Herbal Tea, and made in Bozeman with the finest organic ingredients available. 





5. Chocolate Chirp Cookies!

Not really into drinking probiotic fermented tea? How about eating some Crickets?!

Chocolate Chirp Cookies, made by Cowboy Cricket Farms, are your chance to put an adventurous and delicious treat in someone's stocking! Made with 30 crickets each and boasting 10g of protein per cookie, they're more than just empty calories. Don't worry, the crickets are ground into a fine meal that makes them nearly undetectable in texture, and very pleasantly disguised in a delicious chocolate chip cookie flavor!



6. Apparel, Glassware, and More!

Of course, we've got a wide variety of hats, hoodies, and tees for men and women to choose from. Most of them feature a jolly bearded man, but the kind you hopefully won't feel weird wearing on yourself once the Holiday season is over. 

And no Booch drinker's home is complete without a beautiful vessel to drink it from. Take home our branded glassware in 2.5-ounce shot, 4-ounce taster, 8-ounce snifter, and 16-ounce Belgian pint glass sizes to round out your Kombucha (and other craft beverage) quiver. 


If you have any questions on what is available online or in-store, don't hesitate to call us at (406) 577-2444 or email


Happy Holidays!

<3 The DZB Team

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