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Steve Brown (Left), Dean Wakerlin (middle) and myself.

Lewis Kendall and Adrian Gonzalez stopped by the shop a few days ago to learn about the exciting things we've got going on here. They put together a great article that sent dozens of folks down to check us out on our second weekend in business. Unfortunately our indispensable partner and renaissance man, Jesse Barney, wasn't around for the photos, but you can come down and check out his amazing work at the tasting room. He spear headed the scribe at the corner of our bar, which is made from two 3" thick lengths of beetle-kill Ponderosa pine. You can also see it in the tile work for the water fill and growler fill stations, or the hand-blown glass tap handles that decorate our draft towers. 

The story details Dean's journey to brewing Kombucha, and the trials that he experienced along the way.

Wakerlin began brewing kombucha in 2008, when a friend gifted him a SCOBY — a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast that serves as the starter for the beverage. The first few batches, however, were moldy and undrinkable.

“I totally failed,” he said.
— Lewis Kendall, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

Of course that wasn't nearly the end of the story. Read the full article on the Bozeman Daily Chronicle website at this link, and come on down to see us for a glass of Zesty Booch between 11am and 9pm daily.

Cheers to your digestive health!