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Booch Club: Brewing 101 Classes

After months of planning, it's finally here! Booch Club is your opportunity to hang out and enjoy a glass of Kombucha on the house while you learn the basics of brewing Kombucha with Dean Wakerlin, founder of Dean's Zesty Booch. Dean is an avid Booch lover with 8+ years of home Kombucha brewing experience. He's made all the mistakes and learned all the tricks the hard way so you don't have to. 

For example, here's how to brew Kombucha in 60 seconds.

If we can teach you that much in 60 seconds, imagine what you will learn in a 90 minute class!

Scroll down to learn more about the classes, or select your preferred date from the items below and sign up while there are still spots available!

Here’s how it’ll go...


The class will run 90 minutes, starting with a 30-45 minute presentation and demonstration by Dean covering the topics below.

  • The philosophy and Overview of Kombucha

  • Understanding your SCOBY culture

  • The process of brewing sweet tea

  • Taste testing & measurement

  • Harvesting & bottling

The remainder of the time will be split between Q&A and mingling time to chat with the class, meet the DZB team, and get to know your fellow Kombucha home brewers!


If you don't already have your own brewing kit set up, select "(1) 2 gallon Starter Kit" from the drop down menu and we'll prepare you your very own kit to take home after class. Starter kits will include:

  • (1) 2 gallon glass jar

  • (1) Live DZB SCOBY in 32 oz. of DZB starter (finished raw kombucha)

  • (1) 4oz bag of DZB Zesty Blend Tea

  • (1) Batch worth of pure organic cane sugar

  • (1) Zesty Bandana and rubber band

  • (1) Laminated card with process checklist, tools, tips, and recipe


Don't need a full starter kit, but want some of the bits and pieces? Not to worry. Additional supplies will be available for purchase at the class, including portions of tea, sugar, SCOBYs (while supplies last), bandanas, and more.