Fairly often, we’re greeted with surprised looks when we explain that all Kombucha has alcohol in it. We’ve grown used to explaining that, like any fermented food, Kombucha contains a naturally-occurring amount of alcohol that is highly unlikely to give you a buzz. The alcohol by volume (ABV) in Kombucha typically lands somewhere between a fraction of a percent and 2.0%, classifying it as either a non-alcoholic beverage (below 0.5% alcohol by volume), or a “low-alcohol” beverage (below 2.5% ABV). While you’ll need to be 21 or older to buy our full-strength Kombucha over 0.5%, we generally regard it as impossible to drink enough to acquire a buzz before the effect of drinking so much liquid catches up with you in other ways.

Many Kombucha brewers choose to take measures to minimize the amount of alcohol in their products in an effort to keep them available to all ages. While we have embraced that aspect of brewing with our Zest2O series, it necessitates a lighter brew that we're unwilling to universally commit to. The acquisition of our brewer’s license in May of 2017 has allowed us continue brewing full-strength Kombucha and to push the envelope further in the direction of a better buzz.

We’re now excited to introduce our first real production batch of “higher-gravity” explorations in alcoholic Kombucha. The first of the “Farmhouse Series,” as we’ve called it, was a 4-month aged O.G. (uninfused) Kombucha that landed at about 2.5% ABV. Some customers reported the ability to feel a buzz from drinking it, and others didn’t.


Well, it's less likely there will be any debate about our newest release, which is available at the tasting room today (Monday, September 25th). It’s a 4.0% ABV blend of a house-fermented cane sugar alcohol and an oak barrel-finished Kombucha that is infused with whole organic cranberry, apple, and cinnamon. At first taste, you're greeted by the familiar aroma and flavor of cinnamon and apple. For me, it harkens to my warmest memories of a joyous family gathered around a freshly-baked pie. The cranberry brings forward a tart finish to balance the flavor and cleanse your palate for the next sip and the next. It is perfectly dry (not too sweet) while presenting plenty of that satisfying apple body and a touch of warmth. In short, Griff killed it on this one and we can't wait for you to try it.

This harvest-themed infusion has been on deck since last year, when we were still so pressed by the demand that we could barely keep the doors open, let alone introduce new flavors.

A year later, a lot has changed. We’ve increased and will continue to increase production of our three product lines, offering our variety of probiotic Kombucha drink options for all ages and all palates. Look out for this flavor to be pouring throughout the Holiday season, and keep your eyes peeled for more Dean’s Zesty Booch taps around town as we expand onto menus at local restaurants and bars this winter!

With love, appreciation, and well-wishes for a pleasant Fall season,

The DZB Crew