Kombucha is a mysteriously delicious probiotic brew, and brewing it at home may seem like a headache on the surface. Truthfully, it's actually an easy, fun, safe, and tasty cooking project that the whole family can enjoy! We like to say, if you can brew tea, or make ramen noodles, you can brew Kombucha at home and save a ton of money in the process.

The first round of Booch School 2018 is a Kombucha Brewing 101 course for beginners on Sunday, January 14th, 2018. It comes just in time to support those New Years resolutions for better health, more family time, better habits, and less drinking.

Running from 10am to 11:30am, this intimate, 10-person class will cover all the basics of Kombucha, why it's awesome, and how to make it.

  • The philosophy and overview of Kombucha 

  • Understanding your SCOBY

  • The process of brewing sweet tea

  • Taste testing & measurement

  • Harvesting & bottling

  • Health benefits of Kombucha

  • Basic Food Safety

The class fee includes a two-sided laminated Kombucha brewing recipe card and one free 8 oz. glass of Zesty Booch to enjoy while you learn!


If you don't already have your own brewing kit set up, 2-gallon starter kits and other brewing supplies, including tea, bandanas, SCOBYs, starter liquid, rubber bands, and tea bags will be available to purchase after the class. 

If this sounds like fun and you have questions before or after signing up, email info@deanszestybooch.com or call (406) 577-2444 to get your answers from the DZB team.