Dean (left) and Dustin Schreiner, signing final license applications! 

Spring has sprung in Bozeman! After a few months of working obscenely long hours, the bar is almost complete, and our mountains of paperwork are finally coming home to roost in the form of hard-earned license approvals. First, our new friend Erik at the state health department approved our process for wholesale distribution. Then, our new friend Dustin at the county health department approved the bar and brewery for wholesale and retail sales!

Needless to say, these are landmark steps for us. As soon as we get our fire inspection early next week, we'll be full approved, licensed, and ready to begin brewing and planning our grand opening celebration. It's been five years in the making, so you know it's going to be a special kind of party. As our opening draws ever closer, we must thank you for hanging with us as we crawl, exhausted yet triumphant toward the finish line... And by that, I mean the starting line of the race to get a glass of Dean's Zesty Booch into each of your hands.

What a beautiful mental picture. Cheers to getting there as soon as we can!


Partner, DZB