Five Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Zesty Someone!

Are you feeling the stress of checking those last couple gifts off your list? If you’re like us, you have a few folks that are “difficult to shop for,” and you probably put those off to the last minute. Maybe it’s their eclectic taste, or maybe they “already have everything.” No matter the case, here are five holiday gift ideas that may help you complete your shopping list for your Zesty someone.


  • ALL of the deals below will be available from now through Sunday at 6pm!

  • We will be closed Monday (Christmas Eve) and Tuesday (Christmas Day).

  1. MBA Raffle Ticket (FREE 32 oz. growler + fill!) - $75

    We are a member of the Montana Brewers Association (MBA), which fights to create better laws that benefit the vibrant community of craft breweries in our state. By purchasing a raffle ticket, you can help us offset our membership dues and get yourself a chance to win some wildly cool prizes in the process.

    The grand prize is a custom Sherpa off-road adventure trailer valued at $12,800!

    After that, you could win a trip for two to the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, CO ($2,500 value), an NRS inflatable stand-up paddle board ($1,300 value) and more!

    Raffle tickets are normally priced at $100, but now thru Christmas, we’re offering them up for $75, and throwing in a free 32 oz. glass growler with a fill of any flavor you choose!

    Even if you don’t win, a raffle ticket gets you a brew card, which buys you a free pint at each of the 28 participating breweries around the state of Montana!

    Read more about the raffle here!


2. Booch Brewing Starter Pack - $25 (reg. $35)

If you can make ramen noodles, you can make Kombucha.

Seriously. Not only is it easy, it’s fun to watch and taste your brew as it grows and changes from sweet tea in to your very own Zesty Booch! This kit contains all the important parts to get started:

  1. A SCOBY and starter Kombucha

  2. (1) 2 oz. bag of our signature tea blend

  3. (1) Zesty bandana to cover your brew jar in style

  4. (1) laminated sheet of recipe and brewing instructions to guide you

Beyond that, all you need is a jar, some basic kitchen utensils, and some sugar. Inquire at the tasting room if you have questions about the process! We’re happy to guide you on your way to Booch brewing success!


3. “Strawberry Mule” six-pack - $12 (50% OFF!)

Our popular “Strawberry Mule” Kombucha features the flavors of strawberry, ginger, and lime. At 1.5% ABV, it won’t get you drunk, but it will make an amazing cocktail and it’s only available from our tasting room!

PRO TIP: For optimal holiday party performance, we suggest pairing it with a bottle of Wildrye Distilling vodka, available from the distillery conveniently located next door to our tasting room. And we know what you’re thinking. No, the vodka not included in the $12 price.


4. Roots Kitchen Jams - $15 (3-Pack)

Top your favorite toast with this delicious selection of jams from our friends at Roots Kitchen and Cannery. Flavors include: Montana apple butter, blueberry lavender, raspberry vanilla, and blackberry earl grey.


We also carry their award-winning curried carrot pickles ($7). You have to try them to believe how good they are!


5. More Options

Nothing hitting the spot yet? We have more in store for you. Literally.

  1. Velvet creek SCOBY soap - $20 (3-pack)

    We have partnered with Bozeman’s own Velvet Creek Soap to create a line of SCOBY-infused soaps in three delicious scents for men and women. Not only do they smell great, they work to replenish your skin with the beneficial bacteria that are washed away by conventional soaps and detergents. Two of the three varieties also contain activated charcoal for even more detoxifying goodness!


2. Zesty shot glasses - $10 (4-pack)

These puppies are cute AND functional for drinking up to 2.5 ounces of your favorite beverage.

3. Womens’ Tee Shirt Clearance - $10

A random selection of colors and styles of our womens’ shirts are on clearance!

4. New hoodies! - $40 (regularly $50)

We’ve restocked on zip up hoodies by Next Level Apparel. Heather navy and heather purple. Super soft and warm!



October: New Retailers & Changing Hours!


The leaves are changing, and so are some things at your local Kombucha brewery! For one, we are available at WAY more stores now than the beginning of this year! That list can be found at the link below:

Secondly, because we’re focusing more on stocking the shelves of your favorite store with our Booch, our tasting room hours are being trimmed back to accommodate the increased production, new flavor development, and distribution!


Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday: 1pm to 6pm

Wednesday: 1pm to 6pm

Thursday: 1pm to 6pm

Friday: 1pm to 8pm

Saturday: 1pm to 8pm

Sunday: 1pm to 6pm


  • We are CLOSED on Monday!

  • We now open at 1pm every day we are open.

  • Mid-week we will close early at 6pm

  • Friday and Saturday we will stay open until 8pm as usual

  • Sunday, we will close early at 6pm

If you have questions, or can’t remember these whacky new hours, refer to our website, or look us up on Google, Yelp, or Facebook.



Booch Beer and Beyond


The spirit of this company has always been to push the envelope of what is expected from Kombucha. It's safe to say that we've changed a lot of minds about the funky fermented brew over the life of our company.

If you've visited the tasting room in the last several months, you know that the spirit of adventure has pushed us into exploring the realm of high-ABV Kombucha. The "mojo" series preserves as much of the Kombucha flavor as possible, while introducing an alcohol by volume of about 5%.

Pushing the envelope even further, we're happy to announce, perhaps a little late, that we've released our first all house-fermented Kombucha and beer blend. Named, "Wild Child Booch Beer," this blend is the glorious and perhaps long-overdue union between a sour beer and a Kombucha. 



Interestingly, one of the most common yeast strains responsible for the funky flavor profile in most sour beers, Brettanomyces, is also the primary yeast present in our Kombucha. With the sour beers we know today originating primarily in Belgium, and Kombucha originating in China and Russia, it's particularly interesting to us that these two very similar fermenting traditions have been appreciated separately in such far-flung locations, yet hardly have they ever been enjoyed together in one unified experience. Bringing these two ferments together allows us the opportunity to blend the complex, malty body and funky tartness of a sour beer with the bright and tart acidity of Kombucha. We feel like it's the long-awaited family reunion of two siblings that were separated at birth. 

While this batch is only at the pilot scale, we're excited to say that we'll be bringing this blend to production scale in the coming days. In the meantime, we encourage you to come down to our tasting room at the Cannery District to experience this new (and ancient) blend for yourself!



New Flavor: Pineapple Mango

Photography by Lo Hunter.

Photography by Lo Hunter.

Pineapple Mango is a brand new flavor for us, and one of our sweeter tasting flavors, historically. It comes in as a sort of "Version 2" of the original Pineapple Apple Mint that we've had on tap in the past.

The smooth and tropical flavors of these chopped organic fruits blend effortlessly, while really working to balance out the tartness of our dry and Zesty base Kombucha. It may not feel like Spring in Bozeman today, but this flavor sure tastes like it! More experimental, warm-weather loving, short-sleeve wearing flavors to come as we blaze our way into Spring 2018.




4 Ways to Feel Good and Live Better in 2018

Howdy, friends! Joe here.

We’re a few days into the new year, and that means you’re already hard at work making moves to propel yourself further into badassery in 2018, right? Absolutely. I’m right there with you.

If living even slightly healthier is on your to-do list for this year (and it’s definitely on mine) then check it out. There are a number of ways that Kombucha can help you make small but meaningful adjustments to your lifestyle and propel you to a better feeling, better living year.

1. Booch as a substitute (or healthier mixer) for alcoholic beverages

Every year, I tell myself I’m going to quit drinking, because every year, I feel like crap on January 1st. In 2016, I managed to make it 5 months without drinking alcohol, but that was my best attempt to date. Playing the substitute role for beer, wine, and cocktails was my trusty steed, Kombucha. The variety of flavors kept things interesting, the color and carbonation looked and felt like a mixed drink, and the lack of hangovers was absolutely unbeatable.


But of course, complete and lasting abstinence isn’t a practical or appealing notion for everyone. Even just mixing Kombucha into your evening cocktail, or drinking a probiotic 6% ABV Farmhouse Booch can be a legit improvement over high-calorie beers and high-sugar (or corn syrup) cocktail mixers. You may well find that the little bit of detoxification and probiotics makes you feel better the next morning. In my experience, that's no coincidence, but of course, your mileage may vary.

Oh, and don’t worry about the alcohol killing the live cultures in the Booch. You can rest easy knowing that even dead probiotics are a “prebiotic” food that feed and benefit the live probiotics in your body. Cool, right?

2. Combat the afternoon slump (or morning fog!)

In my house, nearly every single morning starts with a strong cup of coffee. Sometimes two. Typically, most afternoons feature a couple more shots as a picker-upper so I can finish the day strong.

Kombucha is brewed with green and black teas, among others, meaning it contains a small but effective amount of caffeine that can take the place of that mid-afternoon espresso break. Kombucha also contains B vitamins, which help you obtain more energy from the food you eat, so instead of a cup of coffee to avoid that post-lunch fade, try a glass of Booch instead and see how you feel!

3. Swap your soda with a bubbly, low-sugar alternative!

Despite tasting sweet, Kombucha (when brewed long and Zesty) contains remarkably little sugar. Our full-strength, plain Kombucha contained 2 grams of sugar per 8 oz. serving at last testing. Our sweetest infused flavor that features whole, organic blackberries, raspberries and vanilla beans, tested at 4 grams per serving. That is nearly nothing compared to the 23 grams of sugar in the average juice, or 39 grams in the average soda.

Kids and adults that belly up at the Booch bar can agree that Kombucha is a delicious and satisfying alternative to sugary soft drinks and juices. It may take a little time to love it, but give it a few chances to grow on you and before long, you may just find yourself preferring the flavor and thirst-quenching experience of a Kombucha to anything else.

We're hot on the trail of a handful of flavors designed specifically to hit the spot of your favorite soft drinks, so be on the look out for more cola-inspired Booch flavors on tap at our tasting room in the coming weeks!

4. Feeling Sporty?

Kombucha is full of amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein. As such, Kombucha can also fit the bill after a workout, ski day, hike, or other physical activity. As always, we encourage you to drink plenty of water with your Booch, as the detoxifying properties work and feel the best when aided by plenty of hydration.

Don’t believe the hype? Try Kombucha for two weeks in one of the scenarios above and see how you feel! The proof is in the pudding, and the results may just surprise you.

Thanks for reading, and Happy New Year!

Joe and the DZB Team


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Your Booch Lover's Last-Minute Gift Guide

Time is flying and in a few days, it'll be the main event. If you don't have the perfect gift for your Booch Lover yet, or if you're looking for an extra little something to put in their stocking, check out this selection of gift options for the Kombucha drinker on your list.



(Available In-store only)

I mean, it is kind of an obvious one, but what would they love more than some tangy, tart, and sweet Kombucha? Since May, we've opened up our menu to offer something for Kombucha drinkers of all ages and palates.

  • Light Booch (Zest2O) for the kids, Booch newbies, and non-drinkers. Light and delicious!
  • Zesty Booch for seasoned Kombucha palates, those seeking maximum probiotic impact, and those okay with a little residual alcohol (1.5% ABV)
  • Farmhouse for those looking for the good times that come with a probiotic buzz (6% ABV).

We've got a full menu of delicious flavors to please any taste bud, and a wide selection of growler bottle sizes to satisfy any appetite. If you're not sure what they'd like, or are afraid of it turning too sour under the tree, gift cards work great as well.

2017-5-25-dzb-starter-kits (1 of 2).jpg

2. Kombucha HOME BREW KIT

Looking for a fun, simple, family-friendly science project that you can drink? Or just looking for a way to save some money over buying bottles of Booch at the store? A Kombucha home-brew kit is a great way to achieve both of those! Our Kombucha home brew kits come fully loaded with everything you need to brew gallons of your own Zesty Booch at home, including the jar, a bandana to cover it, 32 oz. of starter Kombucha and a SCOBY, a laminated recipe & process card, and tea bags. There are a few things you'll need from your kitchen and a few ingredients you may need to buy, but those are all outlined on the recipe & process card.

Want to know exactly how to make the best Booch possible? Sign up for our Booch School: Brewing 101 class on Sunday, January 14th! We'll run you through the whole process of brewing sweet tea, tasting your brew, harvesting, bottling, and so much more so you leave with all the skills you need to crank out your own Zesty Booch at home. Sign up soon! Spots are filling up quickly.


3. DZB's Zestea Blend Loose Leaf Tea

Whether you're brewing Kombucha or just looking for a delicious cup of tea, DZB's time-tested signature loose-leaf blend is a great way to go. It is the same blend we use to brew all of our Kombucha, and features all organic black, green, and white teas. Our combination has been refined and perfected by Dean and the team over ten plus years to lend complex and delicate flavors to your brew or cup of tea.

Black tea is the typical base for a strong, effective Kombucha, but it can also taste rather plain and vinegary. Whether you use our blend or not, try mixing it up with green and white teas to add complexity and roundness to the flavor! Just be sure to avoid teas with any natural oils as flavoring.

4. Kombucha Soap

Every month, we use hundreds of pounds of tea leaves, fruit, and herbs in our Kombucha. Earlier this year, we partnered with local soap makers Recherché Organics to find a creative and useful home for some of that in the form of deliciously scented bars of Kombucha soap! They're available in Black Raspberry Vanilla, Ginger Citrus, and Herbal Tea, and made in Bozeman with the finest organic ingredients available. 





5. Chocolate Chirp Cookies!

Not really into drinking probiotic fermented tea? How about eating some Crickets?!

Chocolate Chirp Cookies, made by Cowboy Cricket Farms, are your chance to put an adventurous and delicious treat in someone's stocking! Made with 30 crickets each and boasting 10g of protein per cookie, they're more than just empty calories. Don't worry, the crickets are ground into a fine meal that makes them nearly undetectable in texture, and very pleasantly disguised in a delicious chocolate chip cookie flavor!



6. Apparel, Glassware, and More!

Of course, we've got a wide variety of hats, hoodies, and tees for men and women to choose from. Most of them feature a jolly bearded man, but the kind you hopefully won't feel weird wearing on yourself once the Holiday season is over. 

And no Booch drinker's home is complete without a beautiful vessel to drink it from. Take home our branded glassware in 2.5-ounce shot, 4-ounce taster, 8-ounce snifter, and 16-ounce Belgian pint glass sizes to round out your Kombucha (and other craft beverage) quiver. 


If you have any questions on what is available online or in-store, don't hesitate to call us at (406) 577-2444 or email


Happy Holidays!

<3 The DZB Team

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A Healthy New Hobby for 2018?

Kombucha is a mysteriously delicious probiotic brew, and brewing it at home may seem like a headache on the surface. Truthfully, it's actually an easy, fun, safe, and tasty cooking project that the whole family can enjoy! We like to say, if you can brew tea, or make ramen noodles, you can brew Kombucha at home and save a ton of money in the process.

The first round of Booch School 2018 is a Kombucha Brewing 101 course for beginners on Sunday, January 14th, 2018. It comes just in time to support those New Years resolutions for better health, more family time, better habits, and less drinking.

Running from 10am to 11:30am, this intimate, 10-person class will cover all the basics of Kombucha, why it's awesome, and how to make it.

  • The philosophy and overview of Kombucha 

  • Understanding your SCOBY

  • The process of brewing sweet tea

  • Taste testing & measurement

  • Harvesting & bottling

  • Health benefits of Kombucha

  • Basic Food Safety

The class fee includes a two-sided laminated Kombucha brewing recipe card and one free 8 oz. glass of Zesty Booch to enjoy while you learn!


If you don't already have your own brewing kit set up, 2-gallon starter kits and other brewing supplies, including tea, bandanas, SCOBYs, starter liquid, rubber bands, and tea bags will be available to purchase after the class. 

If this sounds like fun and you have questions before or after signing up, email or call (406) 577-2444 to get your answers from the DZB team.



Cranberry Apple Cinnamon

At first taste, you're greeted by the familiar aroma and flavor of cinnamon and apple. For me, it harkens to my warmest memories of a joyous family gathered around a freshly-baked pie.



Booch Club: Brewing 101 Classes

After months of planning, it's finally here! Booch Club is your opportunity to hang out and enjoy a glass of Kombucha on the house while you learn the basics of brewing Kombucha with Dean Wakerlin, founder of Dean's Zesty Booch. Dean is an avid Booch lover with 8+ years of home Kombucha brewing experience. He's made all the mistakes and learned all the tricks the hard way so you don't have to. 

For example, here's how to brew Kombucha in 60 seconds.

If we can teach you that much in 60 seconds, imagine what you will learn in a 90 minute class!

Scroll down to learn more about the classes, or select your preferred date from the items below and sign up while there are still spots available!

Here’s how it’ll go...


The class will run 90 minutes, starting with a 30-45 minute presentation and demonstration by Dean covering the topics below.

  • The philosophy and Overview of Kombucha

  • Understanding your SCOBY culture

  • The process of brewing sweet tea

  • Taste testing & measurement

  • Harvesting & bottling

The remainder of the time will be split between Q&A and mingling time to chat with the class, meet the DZB team, and get to know your fellow Kombucha home brewers!


If you don't already have your own brewing kit set up, select "(1) 2 gallon Starter Kit" from the drop down menu and we'll prepare you your very own kit to take home after class. Starter kits will include:

  • (1) 2 gallon glass jar

  • (1) Live DZB SCOBY in 32 oz. of DZB starter (finished raw kombucha)

  • (1) 4oz bag of DZB Zesty Blend Tea

  • (1) Batch worth of pure organic cane sugar

  • (1) Zesty Bandana and rubber band

  • (1) Laminated card with process checklist, tools, tips, and recipe


Don't need a full starter kit, but want some of the bits and pieces? Not to worry. Additional supplies will be available for purchase at the class, including portions of tea, sugar, SCOBYs (while supplies last), bandanas, and more.


A Look Back


A Look Back

Saturday, April 15th, 2017, marks our first year open at 111 E. Oak St. We couldn't be happier with the year we've had, and the number of unique, smiling faces we've seen in the past twelve months... Almost 2,200 unique smiling faces, to be exact!



New Tanks!

Man, it's been a hot minute since we took the time to update you via this blog. Here's a sign of where we're at.

Since we opened in April, we've sold somewhere in the ballpark of 400 kegs of Booch! And as impressive as that number may seem, we still sold out eight times in that span because of Bozeman's overwhelming demand for the Zest! We're humbled, flattered, and working diligently to increase production, which is why we have recently bought these two beautiful 665 gallon fermenters! If you haven't been in to the shop in the last few months, it looks something like this:

The addition of these tanks means our production capacity will basically triple once Sage (left) and Francine (right) are in full swing. If everything goes according to plan, we should be able to start distributing kegs around town in the next couple months. We've got a growing list of interested venues, but if you have any suggestions, feel free to throw them in the comment section below.

Cheers to your digestive health!

Joe, Dean, & Griff



Strange Brew

Steve Brown (Left), Dean Wakerlin (middle) and myself.

Lewis Kendall and Adrian Gonzalez stopped by the shop a few days ago to learn about the exciting things we've got going on here. They put together a great article that sent dozens of folks down to check us out on our second weekend in business. Unfortunately our indispensable partner and renaissance man, Jesse Barney, wasn't around for the photos, but you can come down and check out his amazing work at the tasting room. He spear headed the scribe at the corner of our bar, which is made from two 3" thick lengths of beetle-kill Ponderosa pine. You can also see it in the tile work for the water fill and growler fill stations, or the hand-blown glass tap handles that decorate our draft towers. 

The story details Dean's journey to brewing Kombucha, and the trials that he experienced along the way.

Wakerlin began brewing kombucha in 2008, when a friend gifted him a SCOBY — a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast that serves as the starter for the beverage. The first few batches, however, were moldy and undrinkable.

“I totally failed,” he said.
— Lewis Kendall, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

Of course that wasn't nearly the end of the story. Read the full article on the Bozeman Daily Chronicle website at this link, and come on down to see us for a glass of Zesty Booch between 11am and 9pm daily.

Cheers to your digestive health!