We craft kombucha differently.

Not all Kombucha is brewed the same. While many producers aim for a lighter, sweeter experience, we serve those Kombucha drinkers on a path to find a more exciting and enlivening Kombucha experience... A journey we call "The Quest for the Zest."

To that end, we ferment our brews long and strong, achieving a tart, full-strength Kombucha with less sugar. We use only the purest filtered water, a complex blend of all-organic teas, and pure organic cane sugar. We infuse our finished Kombucha with only whole organic fruits, fresh herbs, spices, and cold-pressed organic fruit juices to make the most zesty, healthful, and flavorful product we possibly can. 




Light Booch is a highly refreshing non-alcoholic Kombucha (<0.5% ABV), making it perfect for kids and Booch first-timers. While it is a lighter formulation than our flagship recipe, it is full of flavorful organic fruits, herbs, and spices, making it a delicious, low-sugar alternative for the whole family to enjoy!

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Zesty Booch is our original recipe for full-strength Booch that Dean developed over a decade of home brewing. This category is full of boldly-flavored concoctions for real Kombucha fans, and contain naturally occurring alcohol of about 1.5% alcohol by volume (ABV). That makes it legally an adult beverage that is generally non-intoxicating at this low concentration. 


Buzz Booch

The Buzz Booch line is our platform for explorations in high-ABV Kombucha for adults. The series features various flavors of hybrid-fermented Hard Kombucha, as well as Booch Beer blends with sour beer character. The sky is the limit for where this category can go. Stay tuned for seasonal rotators and limited release experimental batches!

OTHER cool things we make


tea blend

This specially-crafted combination of black tea, green tea, and white tea produces complex and flavorful Kombucha. Pick up a bag in our online shop to brew your own Zesty Booch in your own kitchen!



Our friends at Velvet Creek Soap blend our spent SCOBY, fruit, and tea leaves into a deliciously smooth and creamy bar of soap, with and without purifying activated charcoal. Clean, vitalizing, and amazingly scented!


The Latest

The Latest



About Kombucha

About Kombucha



Kombucha (pronounced Kom-BOO-chuh) is a fermented tea beverage with roots in ancient China and Russia. It has been brewed and enjoyed by humans for thousands of years, and coveted for its unique flavor and purported digestive health benefits. Kombucha is made by fermenting sweet tea with a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast, called a SCOBY. The resulting brew is slightly caffeinated, bubbly, and full of probiotics, enzymes, and flavor!


Simply put, the yeast turns the sugar into alcohol and CO2, and the probiotic bacteria turn the alcohol into organic acids and enzymes that are said to have a myriad of health effects, including aiding digestion, easing hangovers, increasing energy, clarity and more. Of course, these claims are anecdotal in nature, and not proven in clinical human trials by the FDA, so your experience will have to guide you to your own conclusions.


Simply, yes. Even non-alcoholic Kombucha has traces of alcohol in it, though amounts below the current legal limit, 0.5% alcohol by volume (ABV). While these non-alcoholic products are typically made with lighter recipes, or produced using processes that remove alcohol after fermentation, authentic Kombucha recipes commonly ferment to 1.5%-2% ABV. While these, including our "Zesty Booch" line, are legally alcoholic beverages, we regard them as generally non-intoxicating for normal, healthy adults. Small children, the elderly, and those with weakened immune systems or sensitivities to alcohol may have different results, so use your own best judgement. If you're concerned about consuming small amounts of alcohol, or if you are under the age of 21, we have a number of lighter flavors that are legally non-alcoholic (below 0.5% ABV).


If you're looking to catch a buzz drinking Kombucha, we do have blends that boast as high as 6% ABV on the menu. Some of those maintain the true "Kombucha" flavor, while some are a blend of beer and Kombucha and taste more like beer. In either case, the resulting brews are delicious, raw, and a very fun way to catch a buzz!



The HISTORY of dean's zesty booch


Dean Wakerlin first found an interest in drinking Kombucha through the local Bozeman yoga community. A friend and fellow yoga student gave Dean his first SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast), which he gratefully took to begin attempting to brew Kombucha. After a couple of failed batches, Dean realized it wasn't as simple as it seemed and retired from his brief Kombucha brewing career to carry on with his life. It wasn't long before a different friend moved out of town and gave him her SCOBY (named Ché) as she left. He didn't have much of a choice but to give it another try, and with a little bit of luck, research, and determination, Dean and Ché began to produce a series of successful brews.


As his interest and ability grew, Dean began expanding his palate, experimenting with infusing exotic combinations of fruit, herbs, and spices into the finished Kombucha. His unique and bold flavor combinations made his brews perfectly zesty and nearly irresistible to all that tried it. The Booch began to amass a cult following of Booch fans who would do whatever it took to get their hands on a bottle. It was during that time that "Dean's Zesty Booch" was born. 


Before long, Dean knew there was more to this movement than his casual kitchen Kombuchery could support, so he and his crack team of friends, brewers, designers, musicians, and ninjas set off to make Dean's Zesty Booch legit. Nearly eight years later, Dean and his team have turned a once failed hobby into Montana's first dedicated Kombucha brewery and bar, whose mission is to bring joy and digestive health to all that consume the Zesty Booch. 


Dean's Zesty Booch started as one flagship tea recipe, infused with fruits, herbs, and spices. As the business has grown, and fermentation conditions have changed, our line of products has expanded to serve a variety of palates. We now offer three categories of Kombucha, "Light Booch," "Zesty Booch," and "Buzz Booch," each offering a different flavor profile, purpose, place, and alcohol content for the growing diversity of Kombucha drinkers. Booch lovers can come into the brewery and tasting room to explore the full compliment of eight flavors on tap, or find a selection of DZB's flavors on dozens of taps around Bozeman and the surrounding area.


Our sights are set on exploring the fringe of what Kombucha can be, and what it can offer to humanity. By now, you've surely noticed that the shelves are fully stocked with non-alcoholic Kombucha brands and flavors. While we intend to continue to offer our drier, Zestier approach to this light Kombucha category, our sights are squarely set on expanding the menu beyond NA, in an effort to push your palate and your enjoyment of the diversity of Kombucha to new heights and reaches. You can expect us to continue the tradition of exploration that Dean began in his home kitchen a decade ago. 


The Team

The Team



Dean is (literally) the face of the brand, and the mastermind behind the recipes that have made our Kombucha so zesty. His indomitable work ethic and passion for excellence are largely responsible for the quality of the product and the environment at DZB. In his eight years home brewing Kombucha, he developed over 80 flavors, many of which will be added to our menu in the coming months and years. When he's not in the brewery, Dean plays drums with Dusty Pockets and didgeridoo with Sonic Bliss Bath. He regularly attends classes at Your Yoga, drinks goats milk and raw meal smoothies, does handstands, has a beard, and harvests his own firewood. He is all that is man, and exactly the guy you'd expect to own a Kombucha bar.



Joe moved to Bozeman in 2008 to attend Montana State University. After changing his major, joining a band, and failing a few music classes his freshman year, he came to his senses and graduated with a degree in Business in 2012. After meeting Dean and subsequently tasting the best Kombucha he had ever had at a local jam session, Joe's proceeded to spend nights and weekends designing the DZB brand, developing the business plan, and creating content as a culmination of his business education and creative passions. He currently manages most administrative tasks, marketing activities, and new product development. 



Griff was looking for a SCOBY to begin brewing his own Kombucha when he found Dean's Zesty Booch. He started hanging around to lend a hand, and to be honest, drink his weight in free Kombucha by swirling the Booch in a glass and dazzling us with words like "flavor profile," "volatiles," and "esters". With a degree in Microbiology from Colorado State University, an interest in all things fermentation, and the by far most scientific background on the team, Griff quickly became indispensable around the brewery. He spends most of his time working in our small in-house lab, developing quality control processes, testing samples, and expanding our collective knowledge of all things Booch.


Jesse is as O.G. as it gets in the history of Booch. As a long-time friend, the co-owner of Peach Street Studios, and the founder of the Peach Street Jams, Jesse is responsible for providing Dean an outlet to awaken the Bozeman music community to the universal truths of the Booch. As Creative Director and co-founder of RedBrain Media, Jesse has worked closely with Joe to develop the marketing strategies and business plan to make DZB a reality. He also lent his innumerable finish carpentry skills to the build out effort, including scribing and joining two gorgeous and unruly Ponderosa Pine slabs for the bar.