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We all have that friend (or friends) who has never had Kombucha but would totally love it. Someone who has complained about gut issues for a long time but think Kombucha tastes "too vinegary." Or the family member who had one bad bottle and now talks trash on all Kombucha. Of course, they should move past that and get on the Booch train with the rest of the cool kids, and now is your chance to get those friends and family into the delicious and probiotic wonders of Kombucha!

+ $1 off your first pour (8oz. snifter or pint)
+ Raffle for (1) 16 oz. growler (filled with any Booch you want!)
+ Family friendly Booch trivia with sweet prizes!

From the first two gallon jar in Dean's kitchen on Olive St., the Zesty Booch has always been brewed with love, in small batches using all organic ingredients. It's infused with organic fruits, herbs, and spices (local when possible), with the mission of making great flavor synonymous with good health and all around wellness. With your help, we will bring those joys to as many people as possible.