BOOCH SCHOOL: Kombucha Brewing 101

Start the year off right and enjoy a glass of Kombucha on the house while you learn the basics of brewing Kombucha from the knowledgeable staff of Dean's Zesty Booch. Here's how it'll go...



The class will run 90 minutes, starting with a 30 minute presentation and tea brewing demo, followed by Q&A session.

  • The philosophy and overview of Kombucha

  • Understanding your SCOBY

  • The process of brewing sweet tea

  • Taste testing & measurement

  • Harvesting & bottling



If you don't already have your own brewing kit set up, 2-gallon starter kits and other brewing supplies, including tea, bandanas, SCOBYs, starter liquid, rubber bands, and tea bags will be available to purchase after the class.


For questions, email info@deanszestybooch.com or call (406) 577-2444